Hey Guys, Of all the seasons in the year, Spring is considered the best season. You guys must be wondering is this a technical blog or a weather blog ??

So basically every normal person likes the Spring. Same is the choice in case of Java Developers. So here I am referring to the best and most preferred Java Framework i.e Java Spring. So let us get started with Spring Core and its concepts.

So You would have heard of Client and Server. So what is Client and Server?

  • So a Client is a computer which is capable of receiving information or using a particular service from the service providers (Servers).
  • Similarly, a Server is a remote computer which provides information (data) or access to particular services.

What happens between the client and server is pretty simple to understand , i.e , the Client requests for something and the Server serves it as long as its present in it’s database.

So let’s start with Client Server Architecture.

So What is Client-Server Architecture?

Client Server…

Hey Guyss !!

So,today I’m gonna light on a very interesting topic which makes CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) really stylish and flexible.

When i started my journey in Web Development, I used to think how the web pages looks so interactive and beautiful, which increased my interest in CSS.

CSS provide various properties that make a website look more beautiful and make it flexible and we are gonna discuss one such property today in this blog, i.e FLEX.

So before starting the actual content I wanna give you an overview about the flex(FlexBox) property in CSS.

The Flexible Box Module…

Hey Guyss, in my last blog we have discussed about flex-box properties which is a one dimensional property, in this blog we will see one more interesting topic, i.e ‘Grid’ which is a two-dimensional property

CSS Grid Layout is the most powerful layout system available in CSS. It is a 2-dimensional system, meaning it can handle both columns and rows, unlike flex-box which is largely a 1-dimensional system.CSS Grid was built with responsiveness in mind, it’ll take less code than writing media queries all over the place.

Following are the properties of the grid which provide various different responsiveness and…

Hey Guys!! So , first of all we will see what exactly Normaliztion is

Normalization : Normalization is used to organize the data and remove redundancy(repetition) of data . Normalization actually decomposes (divides) larger table into smaller ones and ensure that the data is logically stored without any repetition.

So , why Normalization came into existance ??

The normalization process was created largely in order to reduce the negative effects of creating tables that will introduce anomalies into the database.

Now, what is anomalies??

Anomalies is occured when there is too much redundancy in data. or it can also occure…

The Java collections framework provides a set of interfaces and classes to implement various data structures and algorithms.

So yes, we don’t exactly have to write the code again for Linked-list, Queue, etc data structures.

Cool !! Isn't it ?

Also Collections were introduced to overcome the demerits of Arrays i.e contiguous memory, no heterogeneous data type support, and no dynamic size functionality.

So let’s see what exactly the Collections constitute of :

Hey Guys!

So in this blog, I would like to discuss about the Time and Space Complexity of an algorithm.

What is a Complexity of an Algorithm??

Complexity , generally means the complication or the difficulty or the complicatedness . But then what does Complexity of an Algorithm means??

Not the word Ooops!! It’s O.O.P’s (i.e Object Oriented Programming)!!!

HEY ! So in this post I will be highlighting and describing the OOPs concepts in Java and where they get applied in a Java Program.

Before starting with OOPs concepts let us see the 2 programming paradigms namely :

  1. Procedural Oriented (More focus on procedure rather than data.)
  2. Object Oriented (More focus on data rather than procedure.)

So Structured / Procedural Programming lacks whenever programs grow larger and complex. So to manage the increasing complexity , that’s when Object-Oriented Programming comes into the scene.

Object Oriented Programming :

Object Oriented Programming is a programming methodology that helps organise complex programs using the concept…

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